The most productive 1/2 day negotiation seminar you will ever have experienced

You can not afford mistakes in your challenging internal and external conversations? You need to ensure the very best negotiation results to succeed in your competitive industry?

Do you also know that doing nothing increasingly threatens your position because your competition  constantly upgrades their skills?

If your time is your most precious asset and you are looking for the combination of an effective negotiation seminar and at real-life cases you will be interested to know that this is exactly why Negotiation Sparring has been developed.

It is sensational how much can become clear in the shortest of times. I definitely recommend testing specific tactics at this Negotiation Sparring. I´ve done it several times and always took away specific useful hints for upcoming situations. Strong recommendation!

Mag. Andreas Wenth, CEO contemasMag. Wenth
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Experience a completely new dimension of negotiation training for the pro:

  • limited participant number (4 – 6)
  • confidential forum for reflection (first names only basis)
  • exercise your own real-world negotiation cases
  • model negotiation tactics with real people until you get your deal through
  • follow video-analysis to improve and internalize your skills
  • train tactic-strategic variations and options close-up
  • work with the negotiation expert Dr. Amin Talab (author of the bestselling Master Negotiator)

With this workshop you will be able to improve your negotiations in a lasting manner away from day-to-day business and colleagues.

Next rounds:

20. Mai 2016, Friday (1200 Wien, Millennium Tower), 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs

18. October 2016, Tuesday (1200 Wien, Millennium Tower), 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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17. November 2016, Thursday (1200 Wien, Millennium Tower), 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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12. December 2016, Monday (Dubai, U.A.E., World Trade Center District, Nassima Tower), 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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24. February 2017, Friday (1200 Wien, Millennium Tower, 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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7. April 2017, Friday, 1200 Wien, 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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26. Juni 2017, Monday, 1200 Wien, 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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28. September 2017, Thursday, 1200 Wien, 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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10. November 2017, Friday, 1200 Wien, 8.50 – ca. 14.00 hrs
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Mag. WenthMag. Andreas Wenth
Managing Partner
contemas websolutions OG

It is sensational how much can become clear in the shortest of times. I definitely recommend testing specific tactics at this Negotiation Sparring. I´ve done it several times and always took away specific useful hints for upcoming situations. Strong recommendation!

Elisabeth BankangestellteMag. Elisabeth Fazekas
Multi Channel Mgmt. & Customer Relationship Mgmt.
UniCredit Bank

Effective, to-the-point, instructive, relevant, entertaining and extremely motivating, that is how I experienced Negotiation Sparring 2014 with Amin  – absolutely recommendable!

Freiler CEOMichael Freiler
CEO Poschacher Natursteinwerke

Dear Amin! Even though I know your argumentation training for more than 10 years now you are coming up with new interesting aspects each time. And then as now I am fascinated how you are “destroying” negotiation partners as you please. Thank you again for the great and instructive Sparring. I definitely recommend you!

Farbberaterin FotoSilvia Dinstl
Farb-, Stil- und Imageberaterin

My expectations have been completely surpassed, I am awed! I have to admit it was a challenging morning – but with the practical exercises and concrete improvement suggestions I´ve learned more about myself and my mistakes than in all the years before. I simply feel that everybody should have a copy of your “Master Negotiator” as required reading on their bedside table.  To indulge in one of your seminars is not only good for one´s ego but also for one´s wallet!!

objective & benefit

NEGOTIATION SPARRING offers you a recurring training possibility. It keeps you alert, gives you a chance to practice with merciless professionals in a safe and confidential environment. You want to:

  • test and develop your negotiation skills confidentially?!
  • receive an independent external opinion on your strategy? Somebody to discuss tactics with in a discreet manner?
  • rehearse a soon-to-come negotiation and try out options? Ideally with hitherto unknown sparring partners that give you feedback openly and in plain terms according to professional guidance?
  • check your negotiation skills on a regular basis and keep yourself fit and up-to-date?
  • compare your methods with colleagues and do some networking at the same time?

This workshop is entirely and exclusively focused on hands-on training by means of Case Studies.

It is perfectly suited for active participants of any branch or industry. Ideally, you do have a good understanding of the theoretical negotiation background and have attended respective workshops (like the Master Negotiator Program). Delegates will be selected to fit each other, secure a comparable level and confidentiality.

The limited participant number guarantees the maximum learning experience in a compact and professional environment.

Participant number: Maximum 6 Participants. Only a maximum of 3 participants is allowed from any corporation in order to guarantee diverse sparring partners.

INVESTment costs

€ 590,- (excl. 20% VAT)
AED 3.500,- (€690 Dubai)
CHF 590 (€ 590 Zurich)

  • preparatory exchange (ca. 1/4h phone/skype or e-mail) to prepare each participant
  • Negotiation Sparring at the specified times (+ 2 optional preparatory sessions for Dubai)
  • Nice “sparring ring”, i.e. comfortable venue
  • technical equipment
  • Hand-outs upfront to prepare (as pdf)
  • Snacks to strengthen negotiation power (nuts, finger food)
  • Beverages during Sparring
  • Lunch,  combined with “reflection and feedback time” to exploit every last minute

Terms & Conditions


The basic language of all Sparring Rounds is English. Rounds in Austria and Switzerland are commonly conducted bilingually in German & English, depending on the language used in the “real deal”.

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