Happy New Year!

7. January 2019

Was it a good year for you, my negotiation friend?

As free thinker I am not into X-mas or other religiously motivated celebrations.

However NYE, New Years Eve, is a central and one of the most important celebrations for me throughout the whole year.

Cleaning up and throwing out, reflecting on the past and planning the new, what a feast.

Most of all I enjoy the ritualistic burning of my 7 year old book keeping material (Austrian law mandates to keep files for that time). This year I burned all receipts from 2011, apart from the papers I can still recycle.

Isn´t this the best fire, consuming the past you want to let go to make space for the new? Naturally, my kids raved with me 🙂 I filmed it for you:

If you want to be part of the review and setting goals for 2019 I do have something for you: On January 11th we´ll talk about and plan together in my yearly target-setting seminar Review – Outlook – Vision.

I wish you a wonderful New Year, and that it will bring you closer to your dreams,

Dr. Amin Talab

P.S. Here another blog entry to help you set your goals