Are you offering professional services, like Consulting or Coaching? Stability, exclusivity and appearance are paramount to you? Then you will be happy with us. Acquire a permanent international address in the heart of Europe, Vienna and impress your clients with a representative office building & address. Up your marketing and secure your company´s name on the door plate plus mail forwarding. Know 1- 4 peaceful desks available with optional Co-Working, at minimal fixed costs. The best of all? The admiration on the face of your client when invited for the occasional meeting.

VIRTUAL OFFICE €99,-/month

Flat rate: Representative business address, logo on door, & mailbox. Combine with meeting room for the occasional client visit and/or FLEX DESK for productive work-time.

DAY-DESK from € 124,-

Your DAY DESK guarantees you´ll find piece of mind to do your work, even in the busiest of times. Choose your work day (e.g. Wednesday) and your desk & coffee awaits.


Want premium representation of your high-value organization, e.g. at meetings, conferences or authorities? Dr. Talab has specialized in presentations - actively as brand ambassador or passively, when approached.



…with Regus. Despite of the good location and facilities, we always felt like guests only. Not really a surprise when being tenant # 237. But when one of our clients asked if the Regus secretary was our boss, a change became inevitable. However, all the leading Co-Working Spaces were huge, featuring the same anonymous airport “charme” that would make our clients and us feel like passers-by. So we created our OFFICE according to our needs as clients: professional & personable, representative & economical. Lé voilá.

Want to work here for a day? Reserve your favorite desk? Move into your virtual office?

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